Q Graders in the team of Blasercafé and Blaser Trading

Since last weekend our employees Barbara Held and Stefan Flückiger can call themselves Q Graders for Arabica! We congratulate them heartily.


Now Barbara and Stefan belong to the small, select circle of Q Arabica Graders, which at the moment consists of only 36 Persons in Switzerland.

The Q Grader Program is carried out by the Coffee Quality Institute and contains a total of 20 tests. The world's most prestigious coffee sensor training requieres its participants to evaluate coffee sensitively as well as to identy and evaluate faults in green, unroasted coffee. The following graphic shows the various test areas that Barbara and stefan completed.


Blasercafé and Blaser Trading are proud to have such highly qualified Q Graders among their employees. With Barbara Held and Stefan Flückiger, we can further support our sensory expertise.

More information about the Q Coffee System can be found here.

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