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Blaser Trading – an entity wholly-owned by the Blaser family –is officially registered as Blaser Trading Ltd., a private shareholder company based in Berne, Switzerland. It is a part of the Blacafé Holding AG with Mr. Markus Blaser – a member of the third generation of the family – full in charge.

The green coffee trade is the core of our business with the products ranging from usual and regular traded qualities, certified coffees, decaffeinated blends and so forth upto rare specialities.

Strict quality controls, organisation and handling of transport from origin as well as the provision and control of all valid documents required for the final import into the consuming countries are additional main areas in our daily work.

Blaser Trading AG is organised into several departments:

  • Genuine Trading = purchase / sale of green coffee
  • Back Office = handling, organisation of varous trades
  • Secretary = customer relation, contract management
  • Quality Assurance and Sampling Department = quality control, cupping sessions, dispatch of samples
  • Accounting / Risk Management / Human Resources

We want to remain an autonomic Swiss family-owned company, retaining its own independence as much as possible. We strive for expansion by own resources.

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